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Environmental Awareness

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Do you ever think about how many times you choose options that benefit the environment?

My grandchildren only live a block away so when I head over there to babysit I walk over, at least as often as I can.

At home we recycle, compost, reuse and donate what we no longer need. I have been working on reducing my use of single-use plastic by replacing straws and plastic cutlery.

Still, with all this I feel that I could be doing more. Are there other things in my home that I could replace to make my living more environmentally friendly?

My desire to learn more about protecting the environment encouraged me to create a book series for kids where they could learn too. The Super Kids Save the World book series pairs kids against monsters who are not very environmentally friendly. For each book I meet with a group of children to get their ideas on what that monster is doing to harm the Earth, and what ideas they have that might reverse the effects and help save the world.

I used monsters because it was an easy to understand analogy for things like climate change (try explaining that to a 4 or 5 year-old). I also wanted to make sure that the monsters were not destroyed but taught to do better as I think that is an important lesson in itself.

The series itself includes 10 books (currently there are 8 books in print) each representing a different type of environmental concern.


Creating Environmental Super Heroes

By teaching children the importance of a small eco-footprint we will be creating within them a habit of care that will benefit the future of this world. They will be empowered with knowledge of how to live the best. They will be inspired for innovation to help us all learn to do better.

They will be our environmental super heroes and they will indeed help save our world. Let's all learn to do better, to be better and to make our world better.


Raffi notes in his Child Honouring course that Earth-friendly is child-friendly as we are treating the world with respect we are leaving them the beautiful world they deserve.



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