The Kindness Kangaroo Project


The Kindness Kangaroo Project involves Author Sandra Wilson working with groups of children to gather story ideas and get student-drawn illustrations for each story. These stories involve topics and scenarios that reinforce inclusion, acceptance, kindness and friendship in an age appropriate context.

The Emotional Animal Alphabet books. This range of books teaches children all about their emotions along with some moral and ethical dilemmas.

Super Kids Save the World. This series focuses on eco-footprints and how children have the power to help save the world.

The Unpleasant Pirate series has just begun and it offers stories with bullying situations as the theme.



Super Kids Save the World series

Emotional Animal Alphabet series

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The Unpleasant Pirates series

Robot Rules series


From the Author

I wish I could put into words what the Kindness Kangaroo Project has given me. But no words can truly describe the look of pride on the students’ faces when they are recognized and applauded for their work. No description could allow you to feel the excitement they feel when you put a book they helped make into their hands.

When a child thanks you for listening, when a child hugs you as you leave and when a child shares that they hope to grow up to be a writer like you, the emotions that are felt are indescribable.

I began this project because I noticed the difference that one small act of kindness made in a man’s day. And now that one act has spread into a project that shares love, acceptance, inclusion and kindness with children, teachers, parents and me.

As the books are read this ripple of kindness will spread to homes, to communities and throughout the world. It is illuminating to see what a difference can be made. It is rewarding to know I was a small part in making this difference and it is important that I keep sharing the ideas and illustrations of these children through my books.

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