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Importance of Storytelling Skills

Storytelling skills are great tools for learning and development. They can help create empathy, increase brain development, and build on social, communication and interpersonal skills. Storytelling encourages creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. And, they are pretty easy to incorporate into everyday life!

Read Together

Reading stories together is a great way to build vocabulary, stimulate imagination and improve communication skills. It is a wonderful bonding experience and it teaches children the very basics of storytelling.

Visit the Kindness Kangaroo Library on YouTube to experience some fun and entertaining Kangaroo Tales!


Events, classes and lessons

Allowing children to experience storytelling events, participate in classes and/or complete lessons builds their skills and gives them practice in storytelling.

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Each month will offer a new lesson to encourage children to let their imaginations soar and follow the trail to create their own story! Subscribe to the Kindness Kangaroo Library on YouTube so you don't miss these fun and entertaining lessons!

Classes on video!
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Creative Writing lesson books

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Let your imagination soar through this book which offers lessons and prompts to build storytelling skills and inspire some fun stories and drawings.

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Spooky Stories and How to Write Them introduces lessons to inspire spooky stories, investigate perspective and connect with fears!

In the Kindness Kangaroo Library there are teaser lessons for Spooky Stories and How to Write Them. Here is the playlist!

Play Storytelling Games

Now Available for testing!


Toss a Tale is a game that builds storytelling skills. It can be used as a story starter for one person or it can be played in a group to build and grow a story.


Each die has 6 pictures on it representing a subject, a setting or a situation. When both dice are rolled together it gives you a story starter. Once the story is going, if more ideas are needed the dice can be rolled again and ideas can be added to the story.

In a group setting each person rolls the dice and then adds their prompts to the story. This continues around the group to reveal a fun, expanded story.


The story idea images on the dice are interchangeable so expansion sets can be purchased to change up the stories.


A Starter set includes two dice, with 12 starting images and an expansion pack with 6 images to change out.

Story Stones can be played on their own or together in a build-the-story game.

story stones.jpg

Storyboard sets include a setting board and accompanying stones to use to add to the board and build a story. Additional stones can be purchased to create a bigger story, or to add a twist to the story.

In stock sets may vary from pictures - custom sets can be ordered.

under the sea set
travel set
moon view set
farm set
pond set

Watch these videos to discover other fun items to build storytelling skills

Visit the Kindness Kangaroo Library YouTube Channel for more Creative Writer's Toolbox clips!

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