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Summer Storytime Sessions

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July 6th: Kate the Kitty Goes Potty

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New releases

There are new books published this year!

There are a series of re-imagined classics - a re-telling of some old tales, with a more positive ending, a chapter book that gets the conversation started about eating disorders, my 50th book which is a colour along with the adventure and the start of the Feeling Empty series!

Book reviews

Parrot Don't Repeat That

We received our book today, the boys really liked it! My oldest was especially impressed by all the kids artwork, he seemed pretty inspired (he loves to draw) and my youngest even seemed to pick up on the meaning behind the story.

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Little Chicken

This is AWESOME Sandra!!!

Get them while they are young enough to learn the valuable lesson of not telling lies ♡ You did a wonderful job of teaching that the people that spread lies are just as responsible for the damage and chaos that follow.

There are a lot of adults that need this incredibly important lesson.



Messy Monkey

Messy Monkey is awesome book that allows children to see that having a physical disability or just being clumsy is ok... True friends look past these things. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I wish there had been a book like this when I was growing up. Thank you Sandra.


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Emotional Animal Alphabet series

You have a wonderful way of conveying information to kids, in a way that is understandable and fun for them!!!😊 Sue

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The Empty Cage

I purchased this book after my daughter's hamster passed away to try and help her through her grief. I was so pleased that this book was actually about the grief and not a story about where we think pets go after they pass. Because of this, it is a story that can appeal to people of many backgrounds.
The pictures are lovely and there are even questions to talk about with your child.
I don't think there is a hard limit on the age group this would appeal to (I cried when I first read it!).
With several examples of different people and their experience with grief outlined in the book, it shows how everyone experiences loss differently.
I am glad that this author chose to tackle this hard topic in this way. A true tool for healing after the loss of a dearly loved pet.


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Three Little Pigs

Amazing Children's Book!

We really enjoyed this story and it has a super cute ending.


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Kindness Kangaroo

Children understand and learn what they can relate to... and this book does just that. Through authentic and simple stories and artwork, the authors reach the hearts and minds of parents and children. This captivating and heartfelt book helps children learn ways to show kindness in their everyday encounters.


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The Way I see You

I read your newest book. It's amazing Sandra. I am sure it will help young and old alike. There seems to be lots of ways to connect. I had a bit of reaction to the dad, reminded me of mine. You just never know who you will reach. You should be very proud.


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