I started writing poetry as a child as a way to deal with intense emotions. When I was angry I would write a poem, when I was afraid I would write a poem - needless to say through my teen years, I wrote a lot of poems!

The first story I wrote was also much like poetry. It was a rhyming story about friendship that I wrote as a gift to a friend. I continued to write rhyming stories and would customize them with interest and names of children I had in my life.

When it was time to choose a path through post-secondary education my father felt that English and writing in particular was definitely the way to go.

I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Rhetoric as well as History. Shortly after graduating I was married and within a year of that I was a mother.

After having both my children, and struggling to find 'free' time to write, I decided to keep building up my writing skills through correspondence courses. Through the years I finished several courses from the Institute of Children's Literature and the Long Ridge Writers Group.


I then decided to home educate my children and so my focus went into that and away from my writing (or so I thought). Eventually I started to customize lessons for my children by researching and writing unit studies for them. I enjoyed the fact that I could inspire them to learn with my writing and have developed the idea with all my books.


It was after my children had gone off to college that I really focused back on my writing. I dug out some old stories, tweaked and polished them and finally got my first book published. I was so very fortunate then to meet Lisa Browning, who runs One Thousand Trees, a publishing company and online magazine, and Saplings, the children's book publishing branch, and was given the opportunity to showcase more of my writing.

Thanks to partners Friends 4 Kindness and Roots and Wings I have embarked on the Kindness Kangaroo Project which is keeping me busy with story telling and story writing!