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Feeling Empty Series

books about grief and loss


Re-imagined Classics - new stories inspired by old favourites


Dinosaur Twins - adventures inspired by my grandchildren


Middle Grade reads - chapter books and more


Kindness Kangaroo Project - books created through the project


Joint Ventures - books created with the help of others - beyond the project


First Books - my first publications - including one of the very first books I wrote.


Gnomes of the Round Mushroom - a gnome series of works illustrated by Jayson Tench

The Feeling Empty Series

Feeling Empty.png

After a young friend of mine experienced the loss of a family member, and a pet within the same month I felt it important to create a whole series of books to help children deal with grief.

I decided that the Feeling Empty series will include, The Empty Crib, on infant loss; The Empty Cage, about pet loss; The Empty Swing, about loss of a friend; The Empty Rocking Chair, about loss of a grandparent and The Empty Heart, about the loss of a parent. All covers will be drawn by children who have experienced that specific loss and a dedication will be included in the book.

Re-imagined Classics

reimagined classics.jpg
gingerbread house cover.png

The Three Little Pigs and the Not-So-Bad Wolf - inspired by the original classic of the Three Pigs but presented with an ending that shows compassion and understanding.

Little Chicken - inspired by the original classic Chicken Licken (or Chicken Little) but with a focus on the consequences of telling a lie.

The Golden Eggs - inspired by the classic The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg but with a focus on appreciating what you have.

The Gingerbread House - inspired by the classic Hansel and Gretel but with a focus on family and traditions.

 Little Red - inspired by the classic Little Red Riding Hood with a focus on fears.


Dinosaur Twins

dinosaur twins title.png
egg cover.png
go to school_edited.png

Inspired by my dinosaur-loving twin grandchildren the first book Dinosaur Twins Explore the Woods was created as a gift for their 3rd birthday. Designed as a colouring and story book this story allows the reader to be part of the adventure.

Dinosaur Twins Make New Friends - another adventure, another story to colour - and even more dinosaurs! The Dinosaur Twins are at the park when three new dinosaurs come to play. They aren't sure what to do next but soon find ways to make new friends!

Dinosaur Twins Find an Egg! - another adventure in the woods leads to discovery of a lone egg. So the twins set off to find the egg a home. This book continues the colouring/storybook format with a cool interactive ending!

Coming soon - Dinosaur Twins Go to School - capturing all the feelings about this new adventure and a new place to explore

Middle Grade

Middle Grade Reads

ghosts cover.png
rabbit survival.png

The first book I put into print was my chapter book Ghosts on the Soccer Field which is a story about a  a new school, a school bully and some ghostly soldiers who have a message to share. Geared to ages 8-11 it is an easy to read book that can help reluctant readers feel accomplished at having read a chapter book.

The Way I See You is a chapter book geared to ages 9-12 and features a young girl with an eating disorder. Although it is a fictional story there was a lot of research as well as ideas from Katarina, the story advisor and someone who has lived with an eating disorder for some time.

The Rabbit's Survival isn't really a chapter book but it is meant for ages 8-12 as it deals with survival and life and death. Each page offers the reader options and how they choose to follow the story will determine if they (as the rabbit) will survive!

Kindness Kangaroo Project


This Project has me working with groups of children to gather story ideas and get student-drawn illustrations for each story. These stories involve topics and scenarios that reinforce inclusion, acceptance, kindness and friendship in an age appropriate context.

Since 2016 I have been visiting schools, daycare centres and community groups to talk about how a book is written, and topics like emotions, bullies, the environment and problem-solving. These visits have resulted in books for the Emotional Animal Alphabet series, Super Kids Save the World series, Unpleasant Pirates series and Robot Rules series.

to learn more about the Kindness Kangaroo Project check out the project section that talks about the books, features the cover artists and more!


Gnomes of the Round Mushroom

I have paired with illustrator Jayson Tench to create Gnomes of the Round Mushroom series. The first book, with the same title,  takes place in the wooded realm and introduces gnomes with virtuous qualities. 
Our second book takes on more of a story style and features Manny, a small gnome with a big dream!


Joint Ventures


Beyond the Kindness Kangaroo Project I have worked with other groups, some children, some adults to create more stories. These ventures work similarly to the Project where we all brainstorm ideas together (in person or online), the ideas are used to write a story and then all participants contribute a drawing to illustrate the final book.

These books include the COVID series, all done online with a focus on topics that were very needed during the beginning of the pandemic lockdown and The New Back-to-School which had a similar need. The Purrfect Place, created with the help young women from In Her Shoes employment and entrepreneur program, brings hope to street cats when they find a place they are welcome and free to be themselves.

COVID19 series.jpg
front cover.jpg

First Books

Although I wrote stories all my life I didn't get any books into print until 2013 when I chose to become a self-published author. After that first chapter book (see Middle Grade Reads) I decided to have some kids illustrate some of my old stories and create a few picture books. These include Friends: A Cat and Mouse Tale which is a simple story, one I original wrote and illustrated as a teen as a gift for a friend. I'm Still Here which is an encouraging tale about a bird that struggles to learn to fly and Courage for Carly, a special book to honour a special girl, Carly, who lost her battle with Cancer at age 14, but inspired so many while she was here (and now through her book).

book cover.png
courage for carly.jpg
Storytelling Skils

Storytelling Skills builders

Story-telling skills are so fun to learn, and sparking the imagination can build these skills in kids. Check out these creative writing lesson books!

title page.png

Let Your Imagination Soar

spooky cover small.png

Spooky Stories and How to Write Them

White Cane

Adventures With My White Cane

I have started the series Adventures with my White Cane, starring Cliff, a mouse with a visual impairment and recounting his adventures (that resemble many of the childhood stories told by my friend - learn more here),


The Field Trip is the first book in the series and recounts a time when Cliff got lost when on a school trip. In the book, Cliff and his buddy Burt are enjoying a field trip to a museum when they get separated from the class and have to find their way back to the bus. And of course, with a friend like Cliff, that is no problem!

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