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Adventures with my White Cane

When I was a teenager a friend of my Dad's stayed with us for a few months. Cliff had been blind since he was a child and since meeting him I have learned to see the world differently.

He became like an uncle to me and continues to be an important person in my life today. Cliff has always talked about his life experiences, as a child when he had enough sight to see colours, his time at the school for the blind etc. and I am always amazed how exciting his life has been.

I have also seen how some people don't understand how to react around a person who is blind and realize that I have had the privilege of having this experience in my life.

As a children's author I have always made sure to focus on inclusion, acceptance, friendship and kindness as well as allowing my books to become conversation starters for topics that may be a bit harder to discuss.

I thought a book series with a main character like my friend Cliff would allow everyone to experience a different view on life.

And so I have started the series Adventures with my White Cane, starring Cliff, a mouse with a visual impairment and recounting his adventures (that resemble many of the childhood stories told by my friend),

The Field Trip is the first book in the series and recounts a time when Cliff got lost when on a school trip. In the book, Cliff and his buddy Burt are enjoying a field trip to a museum when they get separated from the class and have to find their way back to the bus. And of course, with a friend like Cliff, that is no problem!

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