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Free Resources for Learning

Enjoy the Storytime Sessions on our YouTube Channel with a book reading and corresponding craft or storybuilding idea!


Creative Writing Lessons

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Subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you get notified each month when a new lesson is released. This short little lessons offer ideas for creating your own story, using books by other children's authors as inspiration!

Colouring Page

drawing20210425 (2).jpg

Pleasant Penguin coloring page

Draw your own Gnome

draw a gnome.jpg

Be inspired by our Gnomes of the Round Mushroom and create your own gnome - then write a story about them!


Thematic learning means taking a topic the student is interested in and surrounding them with activities and fun based on that topic with a few academic ideas thrown in. I have designed to fun learning thematic units to build on this idea. You can download them from the free resources page!

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