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Recently I completed a book series for kids that deals with emotions, friendships and acceptance. Although written for children this series has some underlying ideas that can be brought into our adult world.

In Grateful Giraffe a school assignment has the giraffe having to define what she loves about herself. But she wasn't sure just what to say.

Throughout the book Grateful learns how others see her, and how she can appreciate herself. This book, at a child’s level, is about self-love. But, in an adult view it shows the importance of a steady cultivation of self-awareness. The giraffe becomes aware of her motivations for doing things, she learns about how her actions affect others and she starts to understand herself. When we learn more about ourselves, our motivations and our responses, we can get a better understanding of what we want from the world, what dreams we want to reach.

Even when a child can read on their own, reading with them is important.

Book Recommendation:

Grateful Giraffe

“Grateful didn’t think there was much to say.

She wasn’t special, she was just okay.”

Look in the mirror

It is often difficult for us to look in the mirror and find things we like about ourselves. But what about looking through the eyes of others? The interactions we have with others will often mirror how they see us and what they see in us.

When I did a drawing tutorial through Social Art Community an idea for a story came to mind that emphasizes this:

The shy unicorn, with the rainbow tail

Was sitting quietly by herself

When who should come by to greet her

But her good friend Chatty Elf

“Hey Uni, watcha doing?

How are you today?

Your colours are looking lovely.

Hey do you want to play?”

Uni gave a little smile

Chatty always had nice things to say

She wished she could be just like him

And see herself the same way.

Chatty Elf had an idea

About something they could do

“Let’s play mirror,” he suggested

“You be me and I’ll be you.”

Uni didn’t quite understand

This game Chatty had in mind

But she knew if she was to be him

It meant being sweet and kind

And with this game, before she knew it

Uni had lots of words to say

About the unicorn in the mirror

The one that Chatty played

Then Uni realized

What she saw was true

To see herself like Chatty did

Wasn’t that hard to do

And now the shy little unicorn

With the rainbow coloured tail

Looks in the mirror and says something nice

Every day, without fail.

Kindness is loving yourself enough to love those around you.

Become Self Aware

Self-awareness can help us properly define our dreams and help us truly believe in ourselves and what we want to do. Keep track of who you are, who you are becoming and what you are learning along the way. When we believe in what we are doing, we become more innovative, creative and present.

Andrea Mondoux, Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach and Founder of Balance + Bliss offers insight into this in her new book You Actually Can Do This.

By sharing the vulnerability of her journey from personal struggles to knowledge and power Andrea will inspire you with tips on how she transformed her own life from someone who was feeling hopeless to someone who is empowered.

Andrea is here to tell you that you already are exactly who you need to be. You are beautiful and all you have to do is believe it. Stop living your life with excuses. Stop thinking you aren't enough. Stop telling yourself you need just one more diet.

"You are worth showing up for and putting in the work and being flexible and compassionate towards and believing in yourself, every day."

~Andrea Mondoux

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