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A simple act of kindness

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Do you think kindness is a big deal?

Kindness is definitely important for our world. But these acts of kindness don't need to be big nor do they need to cost a lot.


What is Kindness?

Before I began the Kindness Kangaroo Project I had an idea for a book about Kindness Kangaroo. I had given someone a coupon from my purse one day and they were so pleased with this simple act of kindness and shared with me how it really made their day.

I wanted to share this idea of a simple act of kindness with kids so I thought a storybook would be a good start. Since I was writing it for kids I decided I should ask them what they think kindness means.

I visited a kindergarten class and asked these 4 and 5-year-olds what were examples of kindness.

They shared ideas like smiling at someone, saying hello, holding a door and using manners.

When I asked what they could do if someone was scared they said they could share their stuffed toy, give them a blanket or sit and hold their hand.

Then I asked what they would do if they saw someone sitting sad and alone. And it was unanimous that they would offer to be their friend.

None of these acts of kindness were big. None of them cost money or required a specific skill.

You can find the book created from the ideas and drawings of this class in the Quite a Character bookstore - or on Amazon.


When we think of kindness we should think about how we would like to be treated, how we would like to be spoken to - and then we should use those ideas as our guide to life.

When we see a world filled with problems, difficulties and sadness and we wonder what to do, we should look at those that are helping, and see how we can help too.

One year I collected nominations for the Kindness Kangaroo Award which highlighted a youth who would go out of their way to show kindness to the world. Each month one youth was awared a certificate and recognition of their kindness. So what are examples of kindness? Let the Kindness Kangaroo Award winners give you some ideas.

7 year-old Malia goes to the playground not to play, but to clean up the trash

12 year-old Bryanna makes sure everyone in her community feels safe and secure by providing food security to all with her Little Free Pantry.

8 year-old Hudson always tries to include the kids at school who are left out ..he is very sensitive and has empathy for everyone.

7 year-old Hudson fills bags with personal needs and food then hands them out to the homeless community.

16 year-old Zachary volunteers with the South Coast Special Needs Sledge Hockey team ready to help with whoever needs assistance on the ice.

14 year-old Hailey helps a local community group that supports those in need. At Christmas she handed out care bags with warm hats and mitts to those living on the streets.


"What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness?"

~Jacques Rousseau


Kindness isn't just a benefit to those receiving the kindness, you will find it has a great benefit to you as the giver too. Check out my blog post Change the World With Kindness to read what the Kindness Kangaroo Project has brought me.

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