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Change the World with Kindness

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

The Kindness Kangaroo Project began when I witnessed how a small act of kindness can make a difference in someone's day. I was shopping in a store and overheard a man at the cash-out who was wanting a discount yet his purchases didn't qualify. As he got angrier, his voice got louder and the people around him got more uncomfortable. I had a coupon in my purse that would give the man a discount he was wanting and so I offered it up in kindness. The man's attitude changed almost immediately, his voice lowered and he calmly thanked me. The atmosphere in the room changed too as everyone eased back from their discomfort.

It was a simple act of kindness, it didn't cost me anything in money or time, yet it made a world of difference. From this experience I created the book Kindness Kangaroo which then led to the founding of the Kindness Kangaroo Project. I believe the world can be so much better if we all find those opportunities to just give a little kindness.

The Kindness Kangaroo Project has given me some amazing experiences to cherish. It offers me a chance to provide learning experiences to others that are fun and educational. Learning is important but the smile or laughter of a child is one of the most rewarding experiences to be blessed with. Through this project I can watch children smile in pride when they see their drawings in the book. I can hear them laugh when they realize how they inspired a part of the story and I can feel their love when they hug me or thank me for publishing their work.

And, when I read the stories to children who have not participated, I can see them smile when they see the drawings that look just like something they could do. I can hear them laugh during funny parts of the story, something they find funny just like the children that helped write it did. And I can feel their love when they clap or hug the giant kangaroo.

Create Your Own Kindness Project

Through my work with the Kindness Kangaroo Project I was connected with the Friends 4 Kindness organization that advocates inclusion and acceptance through kindness. Not only does this organization hold special un-birthday parties for kids that don't often get to have a party but they also run a kindness club so each month they gather together to write cards to send to special kids for their birthdays.

From Friends 4 Kindness founder Nicole: "there is always someone watching our actions and absorbing our behaviours. If our behaviours are kind, then those we are mentoring will absorb and model our kind behaviours " has a wonderful resource for creating your own kindness club

Download PDF • 2.07MB


The Kindness Crew

The Kindness Crew was written during the shelter-at-home experience of COVID19 - it was created virtually with a group of children who expressed what types of kindness activities could be done at this time, and why they are so important to do. Many of these children were already involved in activities to promote kindness in their neighbourhoods and were excited to share how they have become part of the Kindness Crew.

One little girl shared her story of placing rainbow pictures on mailboxes for others to see in a type of eye spy game. Another child talked about how they made and sent cards to those in nursing homes who were now without visitors.

All the children had such wonderful ideas about how to be part of The Kindness Crew. It made me think how easy it is for families to create their own Kindness Project. Each week, sit down as a family and decide what random acts of kindness you can each do that week. Can you send cards, decorate mailboxes, draw smiles on the sidewalk with chalk?

Kindness is not just beneficial to the one who receives it but also to the one who gives it. You will see that practicing random acts of kindness will make you feel good too.

This book was created with the help of kids who wanted to share how they are spreading kindness.
The Kindness Crew

Book Recommendation:

"We all can be part of the Kindness Crew

when the world doesn't seem quite right.

Because even just sharing a smile

can make someone's day seem bright.


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Watch the video storytelling of the book Kindness Kangaroo


The opposite of kindness is bullying, but can one overcome the other? Check out the blog post on Bullying to find out ways to recognize and cope with bullies and my idea for changing bullies with kindness!

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