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Why Are Stories Important?

All this year, through the Kindness Kangaroo Project, we will be talking about stories and why they are an important part of our lives. Through the Kangaroo Tales (read alouds) to the Storybook Trail (storybuilding lessons) from the Kindness Kangaroo Library, to sponsoring free books, classroom visits and more we will be sharing stories that teach, connect and create a love for reading.


As part of our exploration of literacy we will also be encouraging kids to create book reviews of some of their favourite books. This could be a book we feature in the Kindness Kangaroo Library, one they have borrowed from a physical library or one they already have at home. The importance of creating a review is to recommend a good book to a friend (to help them see the importance of stories) AND encourage the author to keep writing stories we love! These reviews can be as simple as a drawing of their favourite part of the book (with details filled in by an adult). Or, for older kids, perhaps they would like to write a little bit about the book along with a drawing.

please submit a photo or scan of book reviews through our email link


Not only will these reviews help share the love of reading (through our website and social media accounts) but 12 of these reviews will be selected to fill our 2025 fundraising calendar. This calendar will feature a book each month, along with a child's review. All profits from the sale of these calendars will benefit a wonderful organization that we partner with - The Children's Reading Room.

Children's Reading Room is a non-profit family resource organization that promotes early literacy and a love of books and reading! Each time anyone visits the CRR, they will go home with a free children's book! It's theirs to keep, read, love, and cherish. No need to sign up for a membership or return the books. A welcoming, accessible, and comfortable place where families can socialize, browse books, read to their children, participate in planned literacy-focused activities, and of course, build up their home library!

This year we have sponsored a book shelf that will stand at a local community centre and offer free books to all the children that visit that location! Being part of this program is a perfect fit to our own literacy program where we encourage reading, storytelling and the love of books!


"Through the art of storytelling, we can preserve our heritage, educate future generations, and inspire change.”

― Philipp Humm

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