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Thanks for helping us pick March's favourite!

Updated: Apr 1

It is so exciting when this time of the month comes around. The time we get to pick our favourite Kangaroo Tale!

Each month, one of the stories shared through the Kindness Kangaroo Library is chosen as the favourite and moves on to the nomination round for the Kindness Kangaroo Library Book Award.

And each month, we ask you, the audience, to help us pick that book!

This month we had three stories to vote on! The Three Little Pigs and the Not-So-Bad Wolf by Sandra Wilson, The Many Great Things About Food (and You) by Courtney Harris and Kenny Gets Her Crown by Alyssa Humphrey.

  1. Watch the Stories

2. Pick your favourite

Which Kangaroo Tale is your favourite?

  • 0%Three Little Pigs and the Not-So-Bad Wolf by Sandra Wilson

  • 0%Many Great Things About Food (and you) by Courtney Harris

  • 0%Kenny Gets Her Crown by Alyssa Humphrey

3. Share With Your Friends!

Tell your friends about this fun stories and share the love of reading. Be sure to subscribe to the Kindness Kangaroo Library Channel so you don't miss any stories.

Thank you for helping us support indie authors!

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