Cover illustrators 

Emotional Animal Alphabet Series

Ava age 7
cover artist for
Anxious Alligator
Philip age 5
Cover artist for Bravo Bear
Adhya age 5
cover artist for Courageous Caterpillar
Makenna age 8
Cover artist
Determined Dog
Kayden age 8
cover artist
Empathy Elephant
Zoey age 7
cover artist for
Fabulous Flamingo
Kallum age 6
Cover artist for
Grateful Giraffe
Keyra age 5
Cover artist for
Hopeful Hippo
Liam age 5
cover artist for Impatient Iguana
Isabel age 6
Cover artist for
Jealous Jaguar
Eden, age 6
Cover illustrator for Kindness Kangaroo
Steven age 4
Cover artist
Lovable Lion
Kayl age 6
Cover artist for
Messy Monkey
Griffin age 5
cover artist of
Nervous Newt
Caiden age 7
cover artist
Optimistic Octopus
Isla age 4
cover artist
Pleasant Penguin
Mairin age 4
cover illustrator for Question Quetzal
Danica age 4
Cover artist for
Reckless Raccoon
cover artist for Sensitive Sea Lion
Declan age 6
cover artist for
Timid Turtle
Evelyn age 9
cover artist
Unique Urial
Devin age 9
cover artist for Victorious Vole
Emmett, age 7
cover artist for Whiny Walrus
Audrey, age 7
cover artist
eXcited Xerus
Odyn age 5
cover artist for Yakkety Yak
Bennett age 8
cover artist for Zany Zebra
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Full book illustrators

Ashton, at age 7 illustrated the book

I'm Still Here

with some lovely bird drawings.

Kimberley at age 11 drew some wonderful cat and mouse pictures for

Friends: A Cat and Mouse Tale.

Zoe at age 9 used clay images to illustrate the book

Home is Where the Family Is

Sheri did amazing chalk drawings to illustrate our charity book

Courage for Carly.

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