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Inspiring Creativity and allowing it to be free

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

Imagination is a wonderful way we can learn, grow, and create. We live in a world full of inspiration and which offers a great springboard to imaginative expression.

But, we also live in a world that has the habit of pushing conformity, striving for perfection and squashing true creative freedom.

So how can we help our children embrace their creativity and let their imagination soar?

We offer them a chance to create free of judgement, free of order and free of comparison.

Free of Judgement

When a child colours a picture, creates a drawing or completes a craft it is important for us to appreciate the work. It doesn't matter if the colours aren't 'accurate', if the eyes aren't in the 'proper' place or if the details are 'correct'. It is not our place to judge, our job is to appreciate. Maybe in your mind trees are not multi-coloured, but in the creative mind of Dr. Seuss there were so many possibilities - why not in the mind of your child?

Free of Order

As adults many of us have the tendency to make sure things are accurate, just right or even perfect. But when we impose these thoughts onto the creativity of a child we are limiting their imagination, stagnating inspiration and making them feel like they either can't do it or aren't good enough.

It is okay if the eyes don't line up on the face (it worked for Picasso!). It doesn't matter if things are disproportionate and it is quite alright not to recognize the art.

Instead of insisting on them doing things 'in order', suggesting where things go to 'make it right' or complaining things don't look 'the way they are supposed to', take the opportunity to ask your child about what they created. Let them tell you how they see it, how they interpret it and what the story is behind it. Imaginations are our gateways to dreams, inspirations and all things impossible. If we try to control and organize it we are taking away its freedom and flow.

If we always hear "not like that" how will we ever learn to trust our way of thinking or to think outside of the box?

Free of Comparison

It is important to remember that everyone learns and grows their own way and at their own pace. When you add in comparisons you are creating expectations that can cause the child to think they are doing something wrong, or think they can't do things. I belong to a painting group that has many members following the very same tutorial to create a painting - yet all the paintings turn out differently. Of course it isn't that one is better than any other - it is that each person has a unique artistic ability that is shining through in their work. It is important to honour this unique ability in a child, to appreciate them at the level that they are working at and to acknowledge their creativeness, whether it is something you understand or not.

Creativity is a very personal thing - a person is inspired by specific emotions and experiences - things that other people may not connect with. These expressions in whatever art form they take on are unique and amazing and we should always remember to honour them.


Book recommendation: Dinosaur Twins Find an Egg

Not only is this storybook also a coloring book so the reader can be part of the story. But this book as an ending that the reader can help create themself!


"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it."

-- Kurt Vonnegut

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Kathleen Gauer
Kathleen Gauer
05 abr 2022

Lovely quote. I just started an online watercolours course that is helping my soul to grow! Watercolour painting is so different than painting in oils but I am enjoying this new medium.

Me gusta
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