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Communication is the sharing of information, the giving and receiving of

messages and the transfer of information from person to person. Follow this brief summary of various forms of communication from A to Z. Each example is followed by an activity and more communication words so you can do further study on your own!

A is for alphabet and advertising

B is for braille

C is for cave art

D is for dolphins

E is for ESP

F is for fire

G is for Gutenburg

H is for holograms

I is for ink

J is for jokes

K is for knots

L is for lie detector

M is for music

N is for non-fiction

O is for onomatopoeia

P is for post-it notes

Q is for QWERTY

R is for Rosetta Stone

S is for sign language

T is for telegraph

U is for universal translator

V is for ventriloquism

W is for wireless

X is for x-ray

Y is for yelling

Z is for zip codes


93 pages

ages 9-12

Alphabet to Zip Codes : A brief history of communication

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