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There is always time for tea!

Updated: Sep 11

Are you a tea totaller, a coffee connoisseur or do you drink both? Do you appreciate the relaxing and comforting feeling inspired by tea time?

When I was a child my Nana would visit us in the summer. She lived in England but would come for the summer to help look after my brother and I while my parents were at work. This is when I first remember having tea. Tea time was important to my Nana and we would often share it together in those summer months.

I switched to coffee in my university years as it was easier to grab a cup of coffee on the way to class than a tea (there was nowhere to put the tea bag during class). But, I didn't abandon tea. In fact, I started collecting tea pots as an homage to my Nana.

After all these years (my Nana has been gone for over 20 years) I still fondly remember our tea times together when I sit down with a cup of tea. I hadn't had tea in some time but when I made a cup and sat with it I felt cozy, relaxed and it was a good end to my day. Now I make sure I spend more moments with a cup of tea, cherishing that feeling.


In my book Let Your Imagination Soar, which was created to help build storytelling skills in kids, there is a lesson about toys and tea parties.

Take a look at the painting Come Play With Me.

What is the teddy bear’s name?

Who is the teddy bear inviting to tea?

How would different toys react to a tea party?

Would your story have toys come to life or have a village of toy-like characters?

If toys play, what do they play with?

If you were to paint this picture, what would you give the teddy bear to play with?

Take some inspiration from toys and create a story about them.


Have a family tea party

Now that I have grandchildren I think I will start having some special tea time moments with them so they can experience a similar relationship with me as I had with my Nana.

Now that you know so much about tea, and the benefits of tea time, why not have a special tea party with your family? Get out the fancy cups and tea pots, bake up some fancy treats, or make some little sandwiches. Spend some time together, sipping tea, chatting and enjoying the moment.


“The mere chink of cups and saucers tunes the mind to happy repose.”

George Gissing

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