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Author Sandra Wilson

 I started writing poetry as a child as a way to deal with intense emotions. When I was angry I would write a poem, when I was afraid I would write a poem - needless to say through my teen years, I wrote a lot of poems!

The first story I wrote was also much like poetry. It was a rhyming story about friendship that I wrote as a gift to a friend. I continued to write rhyming stories and would customize them with interest and names of children I had in my life.

When it was time to choose a path through post-secondary education my father felt that English and writing in particular was definitely the way to go.

I graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Language and Rhetoric as well as History. Shortly after graduating I was married and within a year of that I was a mother.

After having both my children, and struggling to find 'free' time to write, I decided to keep building up my writing skills through correspondence courses. Through the years I finished several courses from the Institute of Children's Literature and the Long Ridge Writers Group.


I then decided to home educate my children and so my focus went into that and away from my writing (or so I thought). Eventually I started to customize lessons for my children by researching and writing unit studies for them. I enjoyed the fact that I could inspire them to learn with my writing and have developed the idea with all my books.


It was after my children had gone off to college that I really focused back on my writing. I dug out some old stories, tweaked and polished them and finally got my first book published. I was so very fortunate then to meet Lisa Browning, who runs One Thousand Trees, a publishing company and online magazine, and Saplings, the children's book publishing branch, and was given the opportunity to showcase more of my writing.

Thanks to partners Friends 4 Kindness and Roots and Wings I have embarked on the Kindness Kangaroo Project which is keeping me busy with story telling and story writing!

Find out more about Author Sandra Wilson by tuning into this Author Backstory Podcast from Creative Writing Magic!

Episode 1 - Author Sandra Wilson and the Kindness Kangaroo Project

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