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Author Sandra Wilson : Quite a Character

Children's Author


I am Author Sandra Wilson, children's author and educator and founder of the Kindness Kangaroo Project.

With all my books I am looking to empower and inspire children and get the conversation started on topics like emotions (Emotional Animal Alphabet series), the environment (Super Kids Save the World series), bullies (The Unpleasant Pirates series), grief (The Feeling Empty series) and more.

I believe that words have power and we can use them to promote goodness in the world. We can offer them to children to inspire them, to empower them and to help express themselves. Stories are gifts that can be handed down, they are ways we can connect to what is happening in the world, to our feelings and those of others and to encourage us to do our best. I write stories with kids and for kids with the hope of showing them the magic of creativity to inspire and to empower.

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Founder of the
Kindness Kangaroo Project

The Kindness Kangaroo Project involves Author Sandra Wilson working with children to create books, build storytelling skills and show children how powerful words can be. Through telling stories, kids can strengthen their own voices, learn compassion for others and see how what they say can make a difference.

 I have worked in classrooms, daycares and with other groups as part of the Kindness Kangaroo Project and together, these children and I have created nearly 40 picture books that embrace inclusion, acceptance, kindness and friendship.

The Latest Book

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When I was a teenager a friend of my Dad's stayed with us for a few months. Cliff had been blind since he was a child and since meeting him I have learned to see the world differently.

As a children's author I have always made sure to focus on inclusion, acceptance, friendship and kindness as well as allowing my books to become conversation starters for topics that may be a bit harder to discuss.


I thought a book series with a main character like my friend Cliff would allow everyone to experience a different view on life.


The Field Trip is the first book in the series and recounts a time when Cliff got lost when on a school trip. In the book, Cliff and his buddy Burt are enjoying a field trip to a museum when they get separated from the class and have to find their way back to the bus. And of course, with a friend like Cliff, that is no problem!

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I offer a number of ways to help kids build Storytelling Skills through games, activities and creating stories together! Building storytelling skills in kids not only gives them a chance to see how powerful words can be (and how to use that power for good) but also helps to strenghten their voices.

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