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Now in production!


One of the very first stories I ever wrote was a friendship story for my friend Christine. We were teenagers at the time and I wanted to let her know how important she was to me. With the rhyming influence of Dr. Seuss I wrote her a poetic story about friendship.

Although she was gifted with the handwritten, hand drawn tale the story itself didn't resurface until many years later when my mother began telling the tale with a Cat and Mouse puppet.

And now, with my writing career growing (and my friendship with Christine still an important part of my life), I wanted to present the story properly.

In keeping with my joy in sharing the project with the youth in my life I asked an 11 year old family member (Kimberly) to help me with the illustrations. Her job has been completed wonderfully and now the task of editing, formatting and pre-production begins.

Look for Friends: A Cat and Mouse Tale later this year!



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No question, this one is a favourite

April 12, 2019

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