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Learn to be present, and to play

Updated: Sep 11, 2023

"Children have a lot to teach us, they are the embodiment of innocence and wisdom - let them teach you how to be present and play."

Awaken your inner child

When you spend time with children it is easy to connect to the fun they experience in their play. You can share the excitement of splashing in puddles, you can imagine the world they have created while encamped in a blanket fort and you can enjoy re-enacting their favourite book, costumes and all.

Even when a child can read on their own, reading with them is important.


When a child wants you to play it doesn't mean for hours and hours. What it does mean is get down to their level and give them some quality, uninterrupted time. It can mean the world to them - and bring that childhood fun back to you!

There is a lot of learning involved in play as well, you can incorporate math or spelling in a hopscotch game and help with homework while you play too!

Everyone should get a chance to play each day

Often, as children get older, we expect less play time from them and fill the days with lessons, alone time and chores. This is part of the reason that our inner child hides away. The older we get the more non-play options are put upon us and sometimes we forget how to play as well as the importance of play.

When a child plays they aren't worried about what it looks like, they are having fun. Whether it is a funny dance, a silly hat or even a dramatic presentation, a child at play is more concerned about the enjoyment then what it might look like. The laughter that is generated from the fun, the silly and the strange is an amazing sound to hear and a healthy, warmness to feel. It is beneficial for both you and your child. It will add a bonding experience and help you relieve the stress of the day.

It isn't really about what you are playing, it is about taking part in something your child is interested in - acting out their story, building a castle together or being the student, customer or client in the make-believe school, store or salon. If you are not sure where to start - just sit on the floor and watch the children play - they can teach you how.


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