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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Every November 10th is Forget-Me-Not Day. This is a day that goes back to the times of World War I when wounded American soldiers would come back from war. There were very few organizations and services available for these soldiers but there was a massive influx of them coming home. Judge Robert S. Marx, a decorated World War I soldier, decided to honour these soldiers and raise funds for disabled veterans through selling Forget-me-nots. Every year, Forget-Me-Not Day helps raise awareness of the sacrifices, and encourages people to remember their loved ones by donating to a cause that benefits soldiers, or buying Forget-Me-Nots for someone special.

Unit Study - Soldiers Through Time

War is difficult to discuss with children yet it is prevalent in history for thousands of years. The unit study series Soldiers Through Time takes a snapshot of 7 different types of soldiers through history. It allows children to see the life of a soldier and opens the door to further conversation about war in general.

Each module can be purchased separately, or save when you buy the full set.



The symbolization of the flower, forget-me-not and remembrance has led to its connection with Alzheimer's and Dementia. People with these conditions experience memory loss making the forget-me-not a perfect symbol for the organizations like the Alzheimer's Society.

Visit Angel Designs by Denise on Etsy to pick up this Legend of the Forget-Me-Not Alzheimer Angel Pin


Book Recommendation

Weed's In Nana's Garden

by Kathryn Harrison

This award-winning picture book uses captivating images to tell a compelling story about a young girl and her Nana within a magical garden. It is recommended for caregivers as it engages children and helps them understand dementia diseases like Alzheimer’s.


Memory Magnets

The Best Ideas for Kids blog has a lovely flower magnet craft which would be perfect to remember loved ones battling dementia or to create to help someone who suffers keep track of family members.


Book recommendation: Grampa's Butterfly

by Margaret-Ann Brix

Lilly and her Grampa love to spend time together. While walking through the woods, Grampa tells Lilly the story of the butterfly. Lilly takes a caterpillar home but while waiting for her butterfly, Grampa becomes ill. While in the hospital Grampa reminds Lilly to be patient; the butterfly will fly free soon. On the morning that her butterfly finally appears, Lilly learns the true meaning of the "story of the butterfly."


For some fun memory building activities check out the blog on Mnemonics.

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