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The birds, the bees, the flowers the trees

Do you enjoy exploring nature?

Have you ever hiked in the woods or paddled on a lake?

I was camping with my family while I was still in diapers, and I took my kids camping starting that early too. These were great family times that allowed us to connect with each other and the world around us.

I'm not as in to camping so much anymore as I like a soft bed and a flush toilet. But, I still love to explore the outdoors by hiking in the woods, canoeing a lake or river, exploring caves and waterfalls and learning about birds and plants. This love of nature I am passing on to my grandchildren by encouraging them to play outside, learn about different critters and respect the Earth by not trampling or pulling up flowers, littering or damaging the trails and trees and leaving bugs to do what they do best, pollinate or clean up our world.

Exploring outside is a great way to learn more about our world. Not only can you learn to recognize different plants, animals and birds but it can also get the conversation started about topics like eco-footprints, endangered species, reproduction, pollination and so much more!


Book recommendation: Super Kids vs the Earth Monster

In this book, written and illustrated with the help of a Guiding group, the Super Kids are faced with environmental problems all over the world! Will they be able to stop the monster that is destroying the Earth!?


Healthy Family Fun

Being outside has benefits for your health too! offers ten great reasons why being in nature is healthy for you.

1. Walks in nature can improve memory

2. Nature makes you feel restored, and more happy

3. Natural light can help with healing

4. Taking a break in nature can improve your concentration

5. Being outside makes exercise (like hiking) more enjoyable so you reap the benefits of exercise

6. Spending time in the sun gives you Vitamin D which is needed for your body

7. Being in nature helps reduce stress

8. Regular doses of being outside could help alleviate some aging issues (like aching bones)

9. Being outside can build up your immune system

10. Nature can help improve mental health


Watching the birds and the bees while relaxing in your yard, identifying flowers and trees on a hike - no matter what you are doing outside, you are creating a healthy, learning environment for you and your children.


“Wilderness is not a luxury but necessity of the human spirit.” –Edward Abbey


When we explore the Earth we can also start the conversation about caring for the Earth. Check out the Environmental Awareness blog to find ways to take care of our world.

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