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Backyard Bugs

Who in your house takes care of the spiders?

In my house when there is a spider people always call for me. In fact, even at work one day I was called into the bathroom because there was a praying mantis on the garbage can.

I am fascinated by bugs, they are such interesting critters and I know they have an important role on this planet and I respect that and try to catch and release.

(I must admit though mosquitoes do not get that treatment, they are smacked plain and simple)


I created a Discover and Learn about Backyard Bugs Bundle to help show parents how you can encourage children to be fascinated with bugs, rather than afraid of or grossed out by them.

This bundle features a unit study with information about all kinds of bugs, ants, bees, beetles and more with worksheets to enhance the learning. It includes laminated activities to play together (like dots on a ladybug game) and it comes with the storybook Courageous Caterpillar which not only introduces the life cycle of a butterfly but also talks about facing things we might be afraid of (like bugs).

To top of the learning fun I have included the Explorer's Set from Discovery Toys which is a magnifying glass and tweezers so kids can get outside and learn more about bugs by studying them for themselves.

Check out the Quite a Character Classroom for more about the Learn and Discover bundles.


Bugs are Cool

Today's Parent suggests that if kids are afraid of bugs help them learn more about them. Often, we are afraid of what we don't know. By introducing your children to bugs in the backyard, observe them from afar, learn what they do for our planet and explore their amazing colours you can help ease their dislike for bugs.

It is important that we, as adults, remain calm around insects so that kids learn to be calm around them too. Most insects will only bite or sting if they are squished or threatened (swatting, catching etc). If you are watching bees fly from flower to flower you are not likely to be stung by one.


“This lucky little lady bug

has landed here to stay,

to make my garden pretty

and keep the weeds away..”


When we take time out to explore nature we can bring in so many wonderful learning experiences, and healthy benefits too! Check out my Exploring Nature blog post to find out more!

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Patricia Schell
Patricia Schell
06 abr 2021

Spider webs are super cool, I have noticed in my gardens last year that there were not as many! I am looking forward to having Robyn, our granddaughter over to show her the amazing work they do for us!

Me gusta
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