Unit Studies

I believe learning should be fun and so I put some learning into unit studies with fun and interesting subjects.

Learning about food: A mini-study for ages 4-6 - Author Sandra Wilson has created a quick and fun study about food, where it comes from, what it does in our body and what parts we eat. This unit study is appropriate for children aged 4-6.

Learning About Pets: a mini-study for ages 4-6 - Author Sandra Wilson has mixed some fun activities with a little history about how wild animals became pets.

Learning About Pioneers: a mini-study for ages 4-6 - Author Sandra Wilson offers a mini study on a day in the life of a pioneer (Canada, early 1800s).

The Doggone History of the Perrfect Pet - Author Sandra Wilson has compiled information and activities that talk about how our favourite companions came to live in our homes. Cats, Dogs, Rodents and Birds are featured with where they came from and how they became pets

Chronicles of Time: Superhero EditionIn this unit study Author Sandra Wilson examines brief glimpses into history to show why superheroes were created. There is a lot of tidbits of information introduced here and I hope students find something interesting enough to study it further. And if they don’t, I hope they have a fun run through of history through the eyes of our superheroes.

Forts Across Canada: Module 1: The Fur Trade: this brief study about Forts Across Canada. Module 1 covers the Fur Trade, its forts and the decline of the beaver population.

Forts Across Canada: Module 2: The War of 1812: Module 2 covers the War of 1812 between British Canada and the United States, focusing on its forts and people involved. 

Forts Across Canada: Module 3: The North West Mounted Police: Module 3 covers the formation of the North West Mounted Police and the development of the West.

Herbology: this unit study provides a jumping off point for studying plants and their medicinal purposes.

Science Inspired by Superheroes: this unit study offers a peek into Science by using superheroes and their powers. Some history into the world of comic books along with some science of gravity, velocity, genetics, cosmic rays and a little fun on the side as well!

Cowboys of the Old West: a minilesson which combines History, English, Art, Math and fun in a study of Cowboy life in the Old West.

Monsters, Myths and Mysteries: A study of Cryptozoology: a springboard lesson on the life of a cryptozoologist, critical thinking about 'monsters' and a discovery of animals that were once unknown.

Fashion History Through Textiles - Module 1 - Wool: a brief unit that covers wool from animal, through processing until it becomes a garment. A combination of activities add some fun to this interesting subject.

Fashion History Through Textiles - Module 2 - Silk: a brief unit that covers silk from worm, through processing until it becomes a garment. 

Fashion History Through Textiles - Module 3 - Cotton: a brief unit that covers cotton from plant, through processing until it becomes a garment as well as a brief history of plantations and slavery.

Fashion History Through Textiles - Module 4 - Flax: a brief unit that covers cotton from plant, through processing until it becomes a garment made of linen.

A Brief History of Crimes and Punishments: a brief look at crimes and punishments throughout history. This history covers Hammurabi's first laws, torture devices, public executions, the electric chair, Alcatraz and more. With activities to highlight the information this is a mini unit study on the not so nice part of society. Please note some of the information in this unit study can be a
little gory and upsetting and may not be right for you!

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